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Swanbourne Tattoo Removal

Having second thoughts about a tattoo?

We use the ND: YAG Q switched laser, which is the best available machine for the tattoo removal to date in Swanbourne

Tattoos are increasingly popular method of body art, so it's no surprise that a sizeable percentage of the world's population has a least one tattoo. If you have had a tattoo at some point that you regret or no you no longer want on your skin, there are options that are relatively painless and highly effective.

1 in 4 people in Swanbourne have tattoo regrets - you'll be surprised by how affordable it is to get a tattoo removed

Many have lived with these regretted tattoos, wrongly believing them to be permanent. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution available, allowing tattoos to be safely faded and removed using the latest in medical-grade laser technology. Second Thoughts Tattoo Removal Swanbourne specialise in professional laser tattoo removal in Swanbourne, providing an affordable and safe procedure that effectively reduces the appearance of unwanted tattoos.

How Swanbourne laser tattoo removal works

Our medical-grade laser machine works by producing short pulses of intense light that target the tattoo. These pulses pass straight through to the pigment, leaving the top layers of skin unharmed. When the light is absorbed, the ink molecules are broken down, allowing them to fragment into small particles and be absorbed into the bloodstream. The body then safely and naturally flushes these out of your system, causing the ink to disappear.

The removal of a tattoo needn’t be complicated. We make the process as simple as possible, offering a $55 initial consultation, where we’ll assess your suitability for the procedure and supply you with the cost and pricing packages. If you decide to continue the $55 will subtracted from your final bill.

General laser Removal Before and After images:

Please note: The time between sessions is recommended at 6-8 weeks, and the images show results after 4-5. Everyone is an individual, so results will occur faster for some people as opposed to others.

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So if your having second thoughts about your tattoo call Diane on 042 200 2000 and get started on your Swanbourne tattoo removal today.